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SGS is the national provider of ground handling services to the aviation sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at all 28 international, regional, and domestic airports. We are dedicated and preferred organization in providing efficient and safe services to our clients and passengers at the highest local and international standards of performance.

We provide premier aviation ground-handling services on a 24/7 basis to the national carrier Saudi Arabian Airlines as well as other local carriers in Saudi Arabia, along with the vast majority of foreign airlines from around the globe operating into the Kingdom at its 28 airports. Our state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and appropriately qualified and widely experienced staff chosen from the best in the industry to ensure the smooth delivery of high standard service compatible to the internationally recognizable quality with high degree compliance to security and safety.

SGS owns and operates one of the youngest fleet of its ground support equipment in the region, which complies with the latest advance in technology and is compatible to the unparalleled and globally recognized quality standards and operated by uniquely dedicated and highly experienced operators thus making it at the highest level of availability at all times.

SGS offers the best available service of an international standard in order to ensure that on-time performance is established and maintained in the following areas: Passenger services, Ramp Services, Fleet Solutions, Cargo Loading/Unloading, Baggage Handling, Load Control and Traffic Control.

SGS subsidiary is SAAS (SAUDI AMAD FOR AIRPORT SERVICES & TRANSPORT SUPPORT) which was established to provide ramp side transportation of passenger and crew, medical lift, private limousine services and car rental services.

TLD Arabia Equipment Services is joint venture between SGS and TLD to support the maintenance and technical services for GSE and Vehicles at all the Kingdom airports.

Saudi Ground Services Company has a Training and Development Academy, which is accredited by the (IATA) as an authorized training center (ATC), and regional training partner (RTP) to provide IATA courses. It is also approved by GACA to provide some of the training programs, including the DGR program, and ramp driving licenses. The training academy has developed training curricula in line with GACA requirements and IATA standard to meet the company’s operational and non-operational staff requirements.

SGS adheres to the highest international standards verified by the fact that SGS is ISAGO certified organization.

We are proud for providing ground handling service to over 100 different airlines operating into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from around the globe.

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