The 22nd Annual GHI Conference has been postponed

GHI ardently wanted to bring the aviation community together again at the Annual Conference in Copenhagen next month and honour your wish for a physical gathering of stakeholders in 2020.

However, the recent escalation of Covid-19 cases in Europe, heightened quarantine measures and travel bans have rendered that ambition unviable. In short, worsening conditions mean we simply can’t achieve the critical support behind the event that we need in order to deliver the quality of services that you expect and that we pride ourselves in delivering.

That said – we know from speaking to many of you and our industry advisory panel that there is a deep unfulfilled need to connect and share best practice with aviation colleagues at this crucial time. We therefore propose to serve that need more effectively under the current climate of Covid restrictions bringing you GHI’s Digital Reconnect virtual event on 1-2 December 2020.

Why? We believe GHI Digital Reconnect can offer a more inclusive forum for all global regions that facilitates enhanced networking and information sharing with a greater range of aviation decision makers. GHI Digital Reconnect will offer virtual One-to-One Meeting opportunities, online conference seminars and a platform to deliver our Pride of Ground Handling Awards, which celebrates the frontline teams who’ve stepped up to tackle the pandemic.

Our meetings platform at GHI Digital Reconnect will be managed by the GHI team from your personal page and allow us to retain the high levels of personalisation that we know you love.

Let us be clear: nothing quite matches physical networking. As we have advocated throughout our campaign – we are determined to unite the sector again in person and will do so as soon as prevailing conditions allow in 2021.

But, we also recognise that this is our industry’s time of need and to stand idly by until then would be tantamount to turning our backs on you. We chose to stand shoulder-to-shoulder instead.  It’s our firm belief that GHI Digital Reconnect offers an invaluable causeway to connect our aviation family at the end of this wretched year.

We look forward to your support behind this exciting new development.

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Bella Center, Copenhagen - 30 November to 2 December 2020