Stand #: E53
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ITW GSE has the power to cover your needs, no matter which type of ground power or pre-conditioned unit you are looking for. We supply 400 Hz solid-state GPUs and PCAs, and even battery GPUs. We also supply 28 VDC solid-state and a combination of 400 Hz and 28 VDC GPUs. We've got you covered! Come and hear more about the all new ITW GSE 7400 battery powered GPU, a completely new concept: a clean-tech GPU, the first of its kind in the GSE market. The ITW GSE 7400 GPU is a zero-emission alternative that uses battery power instead of conventional diesel, meaning it is practically clean and silent, and saves on operating expenditure.

ITW GSE is a leading supplier of ground power units, pre-conditioned air units, cables and hoses in the aviation industry. The unique backbone of all ITW GSE equipment is our common design platform. All our products are equipped with the ITW GSE icon-based operator interface, that’s as easy and intuitive to use as a smartphone. Other advantages are the quick service and repair facilities as well as the spare part commonality that reduces stock requirements. That’s the ITW GSE way of thinking!

ITW GSE was formerly known as separate sub brands of AXA Power, Hobart, Houchin and J&B Aviation.

Country: Spain