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The GSE equipment developed by Goldhofer includes towbarless and conventional aircraft tractors as well as cargo and baggage tractors. The products are made in Germany and have been developed in collaboration with users and for users under the consideration of essential factors such as logistics, efficiency, safety and ecology. Under the headline “e-mobility”, we are convinced that genuine sustainability can only be achieved if the products are technologically sophisticated and reliable in every application. With our pioneering »IonMaster« technology, we are in a position to offer economical vehicles with incredibly high availability in long term. The all-electric tractors use drive systems that have been tried and tested in the commercial vehicle industry. They are the low-maintenance vehicles of their kind, ensuring maximum operating comfort and minimum charging times. Goldhofer's »IonMaster« technology, with its active thermal management system, is the answer to the growing demand for future-oriented and zero emission drive solutions.

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