Stand #: E58
Domain: a-ice.aero
Short description

A-ICE provides value added IT solutions and integrated applications to airports, airlines and ground handlers, with a specific experience in the implementation and support of mission critical systems. A-ICE relies on its strong relationship with the air transport community, addressing and anticipating the needs as they evolve. With over 25 years of experience in this field, it provides the most up to date software and IT solutions to satisfy customer requirements.

Our solutions require minimal effort to integrate, allowing customers to extract the best of their businesses from our Departure Control System (A-DCS) through to aircraft handling (A-HDB) and contract and billing (A-CBS). A-ICE offers a consultative approach, which allows us to tailor each solution to each customer’s individual requirements, since every business is run differently.

So, when you need IT made simple, A-ICE can deliver.

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