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ZestIoT technologies vision is to connect People, Places, Assets & Operations: Leverage IoT & Video Analytics/AI to enable Ground Handlers, Airports & Airlines to collaborate for larger success of safe, efficient, faster turnaround & delight in passenger experience.

Ground Handling Operations
Airport Operations
Airlines Operations
Turnaround Operations and Hub Management
Ground Service Equipment Management & Serviceability

ZestIoT GroundRadar has delivered end-to-end automation solutions for Ground handlers, airports & airlines to enable real-time tracking of below & above the wing operations of aircraft, vehicles (ground assets), dollies & containers carrying cargo enabling end to the visibility of flight turnaround operations. Together with resource planning, scheduling & optimisation, operation control centre & Ramp sheet digitisation - Aviation customers have realised significant cost savings, improvement in operational efficiencies, productivity like additional flights per parking stand & environment/fuel savings in day-to-day operations.

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Country: India