Stand #: E45
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The MOTOTOK SPACER is a fully electric, wireless transmission controlled, heavy duty wing walker towbarless pushback tug which loads and unloads the nose wheel automatically. It is equipped with a gimbal-mounted nose gear platform with hydraulic cylinders for compensating for the tilt of the nose gear while turning. Like every MOTOTOK application, it turns on the ground at the same point as the nose gear, avoiding shunting of the aircraft while in a stopped position. Because of the shallow design and the microprocessor control of the two electric hub drives, the aircraft can be positioned even in the tightest of spaces.

Towing capacity up to 95t / 210,000 lbs or 195t / 430,000 lbs
Low maintenance costs, low personnel costs
Manoeuvres the aircraft with one operator only; no wing walker and no brakeman needed
For operating aircraft in the hangar and on the apron
Electronic torque control for safely turning the nose gear
Hands-free automatic nose gear engaging and disengaging function
For aircraft with a wheel diameter between 450 and 1200 mm
Full pushback capability with running engines

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