The GHI Big Debate Webinar - 28 May

Your survival kit for the Covid-19 crisis

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Bruised and battered aviation operators are facing any existential threat as they try to ride out the Covid-19 crisis. Recent GHI research found 34% of stakeholders describing their business mood as ‘pessimistic, taking a huge financial hit and braced for worse’. Around 64% of sector leaders anticipate depleted flight volumes for up to two years and cash flow reserves are under severe stress.

So, what can our industry do to bolster its position and outlast the pandemic. How will social distancing take shape in the ground handling environment and are we about to see a transformational market shift towards more integrated stakeholder collaboration?

Unfortunately, GHI can’t physically host a conference session to discuss these crucial topics. However, in a spirit of defiance and ongoing collaboration among the aviation community – GHI will hold a virtual conference session on the same date instead.

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GHI Big Debate Asia Webinar: Your survival kit for Covid-19
Date: Thursday 28 May

Time: 0830-1000 BST / 11.30 GST / 15.30 SGT

The agenda…
  • Government support packages assessing state aid across Asia
  • Rebuilding passenger confidence: cleaning regimes, screening and social distancing. How do we respond to the new normal?
  • The airline:ground handler relationship reborn? What shift will we see in SLAs, do LCCs have a future and could a rise in air fares be a hidden opportunity for all?
  • Cargo: What is the market opportunity for diversifying into cargo and what are the prerequisites for market entry?
  • Strategies for maintaining GSE fleets during the downturn and ramping back up again when volumes return
  • Operational efficiency: how can we use techniques like lean and Continuous Improvement to future proof our businesses


Thomas Liput

JBT Aerotech

Regional Director Asia Pacific Ground Support

Javed Malik


Group Chief Operations Officer

Yacoob Piperdi


CEO, Gateway Services

Brendan Sobie

Sobie Aviation

Independent Analyst and Consultant

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