The GHI Big Debate Webinar - 12 November

Optimising the turnaround

The turnaround has always been the proving ground for handlers with reputations won on speed, safety and the fleet footed agility to achieve OTP no matter how sudden the schedule change.

Now Covid-19 has rewritten the rule book.  Extra cleaning, sanitising and passenger segregation are the norm and all equate to extra time/resource needing to be dedicated to activity on the apron.

The age of the 25-minute turnaround appears doomed with one study estimating a minimum 23 minute increase in average turn times for an A320 even a low level of additional Covid combatting steps introduced. 

This session will explore how ground handlers adapt their business processes to cope with this otherwise potentially catastrophic shift in operating conditions.

How can technology come to the aid and help handlers deliver more with less?

Panellists from airlines, ground handlers and GSE suppliers will discuss the opportunities for turnaround optimisation software to enable stations to maximise the utilisation of people and equipment. How can automated algorithms and data capture enable a more dynamic age of ground handling services, which are primed to perform in this more turbulent age of the turnaround post pandemic?

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Date: Thursday 12 November
Time: 1100-1230 EDT (New York) / 1500-1630 GMT (London) / 1600-1730 CET (Paris)
Format: A 90 minute Webinar bringing together business leaders from leading airlines, ground handlers, airports and industry suppliers to discuss a strategy for improving turnaround processes to meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. The session will include an online audience Q&A and be chaired by GHI Conference Chairman, Max Gosney.
  • Staying profitable in the age of Covid complexity: What adaptions can operators make on the apron to manage the mounting cost of delivering heightened Covid-combatting measures during ground time? How can automation help cut downtime and ensure people and equipment are in the right place at the right time? And what about optimising passenger processing?
  • Communication and stakeholder collaboration: Stakeholder collaboration has been the theme of survival strategies in the Covid crisis so far. So how does technology bind airlines, handlers and airports towards a more coherent and Covid-safe aircraft turnaround that benefits all three stakeholder groups?
  • GSE: Lengthier ground times could mean GSE tied up on protracted turnarounds servicing each aircraft. So, will that mean more tugs, belt-loaders and dollies on order as stock feels the strain? Can telematics help us achieve greater equipment utilisation? Or is GSE pooling going to thrive post pandemic?  
  • Smarter workforce management strategies: How do operators ensure their workforce resource is better matched to the likely make up of Covid-19 affected schedules? How do you build in enough flexibility to cope with unplanned delays while avoiding your teams sitting idle during the troughs?


Paul Bruton

Damarel Systems

Senior Consultant

Andy Dobson

ICF Aviation

Director Operations Consulting

Steve Tarbuck

Global Travel Matters

Owner & Founder

Regsiter for the free-to-attend session by clicking here