Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship at a Ground Handling International event provides a perfect opportunity to get your brand recognised. Sponsorship also allows your company to receive prominent exposure and places your brand at the forefront of influential people across the ground handling industry who attend a GHI event.

As a Ground Handling International sponsor, your brand exposure begins prior to the event with exposure on our event website, delegate personal page and GHI’s marketing collateral. Throughout the event duration your branding will be featured in prominent locations around the event itself. GHI’s sponsorship categories allow you to boost brand awareness and engagement with ground handling professionals with categories which can be tailored to suit your budget.

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For full details on the remaining sponsorship packages or for more information please contact: 
Marc Young - marc@groundhandling.com

Tiered Sponsorship

Platinum Sponsorship

€15,000 + VAT

The Platinum Sponsorship package provides an exceptional, high profile branding presence that stands out from the crowd. It will appeal to organisations who see themselves as market leaders and who want to confirm their position among a highly influential audience.

To view the Platinum Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Gold Sponsorship

€10,000 + VAT

Make an impact with your branding across all media formats before and during the event to establish a strong presence among industry leaders and influencers.

To view the Gold Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Silver Sponsorship

€7,500 + VAT

Ground Handling International sponsorship packages are designed to achieve maximum brand exposure and marketing opportunities in all pre-event communications and among this important delegate audience at the event itself.

To view the Silver Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Feature Sponsorship

Delegate Dinner & Cocktail Sponsorship

€10,000 + VAT

Excellent opportunity to brand the Delegate Dinner venue. The sponsorship package can be combined with the Delegate Dinner Gift upon request.

To view the Delegate Dinner Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Delegate Dinner Gift Sponsorship

€6,000 + VAT

Opportunity to distribute a Dinner Gift with a business card to each delegate at the Delegate Dinner.

To view the Delegate Dinner Gift Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Delegate Dinner Instant Photos Sponsorship

€4,000 + VAT

Cherish the memories from the delegate dinner! Brand the photo sleeves which delegates take home as keepsakes.

To view the Delegate Dinner Instant Photo Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Room Key Cards Sponsorship

€7,000 + VAT

Sponsored Key Cards are given to each delegate staying at the conference hotel. Key Cards offer clear and effective branding which can then be used as a business card for delegates to take home in their wallets / purses.

To view the Room Key Cards Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Delegate Bags Sponsorship

€7,000 + VAT

Delegate Bags are given to each delegate attending the event at the registration counter. The bag sponsorship can regularly be seen in the post conference photos, providing a great opportunity to expose your brand to a wider audience who may not have attended the event. As an added bonus, the bags are also reusable!

To view the Delegate Bags Sponsorship proposal, click here.

One-to-One Meetings Sponsorship

€10,000 + VAT

The One-to-One Meetings are the core reason why delegates attend a GHI event. This sponsorship offers a great promotional opportunity to promote your brand as this package has the most branding exposure of all our sponsorship at the event.

To view the One-to-One Meeting Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Mints Sponsorship

€5,000 + VAT

Mints are a simple promotional item which can be found in each delegate bag. Great for delegates to use after lunch before heading back into meetings.

To view the Mints Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Coasters Sponsorship

€5,000 + VAT

Coasters offer a simple and visible branding opportunity at the event. Coasters are placed on nearly every table during the three day event.

To view the Coasters Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Delegate Lanyards Sponsorship

€7,000 + VAT

Brand your company logo in black and white onto the different colour category lanyards given to each delegate who is registered to attend the event.

To view the Lanyard Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Coffee Cups Sponsorship

€5,000 + VAT

Who doesn't like a hot drink at an event? Coffee cups present a prominent branding opportunity which can be seen in many of the post conference photos.

To view the Coffee Cups Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Central Bar Sponsorship

€10,000 + VAT

The Central Bar is a key element of a GHI event, used to serve drinks to delegates throughout the event days. The bar also acts as a busy hub for the Welcome Party. 

To view the Central Bar Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Transfer and Meet & Greet Sponsorship

€12,000 + VAT

Transfer and Meet & Greet sponsorship is a new and important feature at our GHI Americas Conference. The service is aimed to take the stress away from delegates who have just arrived in the host country. The sponsorship itself will be the first and last branding our delegates will see at the event, meaning this package is great for social media exposure from our delegates themselves.

To view the Transfer and Meet & Greet Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Water Bottle Sponsorship

€7,000 + VAT

In an effort to reduce waste at our events, reusable water bottles provide an excellent opportunity for delegates to promote your brand outside of the event itself. The bottles can be reused well after the event itself!

To view the Water Bottle Sponsorship, click here. 

Pen Sponsorship

€3,500 + VAT

A Pen Sponsorship is a great way to distribute your company's brand to every delegate attending the event. 

*Notebook & Pen Sponsorship can be packaged together 

To view the Pen Sponsorship, click here.

Notebook Sponsorship

€4,000 + VAT

Notebook Sponsorship is a great way to distribute your company's brand to every delegate attending the event. Notebooks are placed into each delegate bag and are regularly used during the event for delegates taking notes from their One-to-One Meetings.

*Notebook & Pen Sponsorship can be packaged together

To view the Notebook Sponsorship, click here.

Headline Cargo Zone Sponsorship

€12,500 + VAT

Excellent opportunity to brand an entire section at the Annual Conference with a presentation opportunity within the Cargo Zone workshop theatre.

To view the Headline Cargo Zone Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Branded Football Shirts

€2000 Exclusive / €1000 for 50% of teams + VAT

Opportunity to brand all the GHI football tournament shirts or 50% of the teams shirts with your company logo.

To view the Branded Football Shirts Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Branded Football & Trophy Sponsorship

€1,500 + VAT

Branded Football and Trophy Sponsorship provides great brand exposure for your company on the footballs used for the tournament with your logo also printed on the winners trophy.

To view the Branded Football & Trophy Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Chill & Charge Zone Sponsorship

€10,000 + VAT

The Chill & Charge Zone is an area within the exhibition hall which allows delegates to 'chill' before they head off to their next meeting whilst they charge their devices. The area provides a section of the show floor for your company to brand and be seen to delegates attending the event.

To view the Chill & Charge Zone Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Grab & Go Sponsorship

€3,000 + VAT

For delegates who have back to back meetings, having lunch from the main lunch buffet located on the exhibition show floor can be come tricky. Grab & Go offers those delegates with a busy schedule the chance to grab a quick bite, presenting a branding opportunity for you to brand your company logo onto their lunch bag.

To view the Grab & Go Sponsorship proposal, click here.

Pride of Ground Handling Awards Sponsorship

€5000 + VAT per category

To view more information regarding sponsoring one of the Pride of Ground Handing Awards, click here.

Private Meeting Rooms

Price upon request

Private Meetings Rooms provide the perfect opportunity to host your company's One-to-One Meetings in the privacy of your own room. Private Meeting Rooms can be branded with some rooms having the opportunity to order F&B to the room, so that you can entertain clients.

To find out more information about the Private Meeting Room packages which we have available, please email Alice.

Exhibition Stands

€5,610 / €6,610 + VAT

Table-Top Exhibitions Stands present a golden opportunity to showcase what products and services you offer to other delegates attending the event. Panels can be branded meaning your brand exposure will be prominent throughout the event and can be seen in post conference photos. Did we mention that 1 x exhibitor badge is included free of charge within the package?

To view what is included within an Exhibition Table-Top Stand, click here.

To view the current Exhibition floor plan, click here.
Something not listed here that you would like to sponsor? Contact Marc to discuss further options