Product Demonstration: ADVEEZ – E35 - Comprehensive fleet management solution for indoor and outdoor

15:15 - 15:30

ADVEEZ develops solutions for geolocation, access control, speed management and fleet management of motorised and non-motorised assets.
The solutions work both indoors and outdoors to cover the operational needs of our customers.
ADVEEZ ensures the whole design process of its solutions, from the engineering/design of modules, consulting and expertise of adapted and available telecommunication networks (LoRa, NBIoT, LTE), and the development of the Web platform and mobile applications to process and display information.
ADVEEZ is positioned as an expert in IoT, serving the airport stakeholders thanks to its knowledge in finding the best network technology at the optimal cost.

Presenters: Celine Denat, Mobility Business Developer and Franck Marry, Sales Director EMEA, ADVEEZ