Programme 2019

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04 November 2019

07:30 -

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To celebrate the launch of a new Cargo Zone at the 21st Annual, GHI assesses the common ground between the apparently very different challenges of handling PAX and cargo. From safety awareness to the adoption of new technology and employee training and development - what are the prime areas for collaboration between our sister operations?

Other panellists TBC

GHI will reveal the results of an exclusive industry report into business conditions on the apron. Our data will seek to identify the typical per turn rates being tendered for narrow and wide body aircraft in Europe. We’ll also examine the most prevalent KPIs that stations are operating to and how the metrics are being measured by airlines. The session will ask a panel of key industry influencers to assess the results, what they mean for the race to the bottom and the potential for a shift towards more value based, airline-handler partnerships. 

Other panellists TBC

Paperless Ground Handling Mobile/Tablet App
The Turnaround Co-ordinator Mobile App is a paperless ground handling solution, which converts your SGHA obligations into simple-to-do tasks on a mobile device, thereby allowing you to capture data, monitor SLAs and prevent revenue leakage. All this at the push of a button.

Presenter: Lina El Mallah, Sales Manager, ICT.AERO

To support green airports and contribute towards a better working environment for the airport staff, we are introducing the ITW GSE 7400 eGPU GPU. This battery-powered 400 Hz unit will help airports reduce their carbon footprint, replacing their diesel-powered GPUs by cleaner eGPUs. 

Jose Manuel De Las Heras, Area Sales Manager, ITW GSE

The traditional ground handling model has been given an overhaul at London Gatwick in easyJet’s quest for optimal OTP performance. A triumvirate agreement sees DHL provide the labour for ground handling and Rushlift the ground service equipment. DHL’s David Jenkins reveals how the shift has paved the way for a one-team alliance with easyJet where ramp teams wear easyJet orange with pride. The session will also explore the breakdown of traditional hierarchies to allow operatives a full say in process improvement.

You can buy the best GSE, train your ramp teams intensively and design immaculate SOPs – but what happens when the pressure ratchets up in the eternally unpredictable environment of the apron? This session will explore the high-performance habits instilled by Groundforce Portugal, which has had to field an average annual passenger growth of one million at Lisbon.

GHI’s Meet the Airline Speed Networking Forum aims to boost your networking opportunities with attending airlines, whose busy schedules may not permit all their formal One-to-One Meeting requests to be accepted. The format will offer delegates quick-fire introductory slots with up to 10 carriers and the chance to swap contact details.

Discover what is meant by a Just Culture, the leadership behaviours that are critical for its foundation and what impact a Just Culture has on safety and KPI performances within aviation businesses.

We speak about 16,000 words per day – how do we cut through the clutter to ensure that our conversations with our frontline teams have impact? Every conversation creates a chemical cocktail that opens us up to higher levels of trust or close us to new ideas due to distrust. Expert conversational intelligence allows you to build empathy, trust and engagement with your frontline - teams all factors that can supercharge your business’ KPI performance. What’s the science behind conversational intelligence? What does it look like in practice and how does it apply in a busy aviation environment?

17:30 -

05 November 2019

08:30 -

A new EU regulation, which entered into force in September 2018, means The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has a mandate to ensure the oversight of the safety of ground services. EASA is currently engaging with GSPs on what the safety roadmap should look like. This session will update you on the progress so far and invite you to have your say.

Speaker TBC

GHI invites a panel of pilots and first officers to give us their unique perspective on ground handling services. What are the hallmarks of the best handling teams they encounter? What does really good communication look like from the team leader/headset man/despatcher? And, what advice would they give to handling teams on managing relationships with airline crews during high pressure scenarios? The emphasis of the session will be on enhancing communications with airline staff and ultimately raising the quality, OTP and safety of ground services.

Other panellists TBC

GHI’s Meet the Ground Handler Speed Networking Forum aims to boost your networking opportunities with attending handlers, whose busy schedules may not permit all their formal One-to-One Meeting requests to be accepted. The format will offer delegates quick-fire introductory slots with regional ground handlers and the chance to swap contact details.

This session will look at the performance gain that resulted from Nick Ward’s tenure at a station based at Brisbane Airport. This is the story of how a 20-something broke OTP records, reduced overtime and upskilled colleagues to work across multiple departments. How do we capture more entrepreneurial young leaders like Nick into our industry?

GHI invites a panel of apprentices, graduates and managers under the age of 30 and working within the aviation industry to deliver a manifesto on how they would improve the ground handling industry when they call the shots. Covering leadership, new technology, motivation, flexible working and pay, the session will look at the innovation the under 30s crave in our sector as well as the universal aviation principles that bind baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials.

FiNDnet – The Complete Software Solution for Ground Handlers

Paul Bruton, Senior Consultant, Damarel Systems

Delayed and Damaged Bag (mobile) self-service declaration at airport

Our first kiosk self-service delayed bag declaration by the passenger at the airport was launched back in 2008. As technology evolved, we decided to upgrade both the engine and the graphics to offer not only a better passenger experience, but also mobility to low profile agents. The new interface is of a responsive design and can run on any standard airport kiosk/ touchscreen PCs and on tablets using the camera for scanning and taking damage bag pictures, anywhere in the airport. This opens up new perspectives for improving staff productivity whilst lowering operational costs.

Eric Stessels, Project & Product Manager, Sky Assist

In a new series, GHI looks beyond Europe to examine a global region primed for significant aviation growth. The session will explore Latin America through the eyes of leading GSPs and airlines who operate within the region. Latam is set for annual air passenger growth rates of near 4%, well above the world average. Argentina has enjoyed recent market deregulation and Brazil has built strong bilateral traffic with the US. Yet on the apron, acute workforce attrition is threatening to put the brakes on growth.

Other panellists TBC

‘Why can’t our people just do what we want them to do?,’ is a common lament among aviation leaders. This session will explore the science of human behaviour and how we can change the learning pathway of cue, behaviour, reward to cultivate more engaged employees.

This interactive workshop will look at our decision-making process when it comes to negotiating new business and how to use game theory to better understand the outcomes. Participants will take part in a banknote game, which will explore different strategic approaches and their influence over your chances of success or failure.

Join us for GHI’s all-new awards scheme designed to celebrate excellence in ground services across the globe and the all-important people who are passionate about performing the perfect turnaround. Categories up for grabs include Best Station; Best Handler-Airline Innovation; Unsung Hero Award; Ramp Safety; Best Cargo Handling Operation and Rising Star Awards.

06 November 2019

09:00 -

This session will reveal how Swissport and Finnair joined forces to create an artificially intelligent, Delay Prediction Tool at Helsinki airport. The machine processes an algorithm of 38 delay influencing factors to give a more accurate prediction of when an inbound flight will touch the tarmac. The smart kit has given ground handling employees crucial extra time to organise resources on the ramp and protect OTP and service levels.

More than 90 aprons, 106 movements an hour at peak and operational 24/7, 365 days a year – Schiphol is one of Europe’s premier hubs. So how does the airport work with its ground handling and airline tenants to ensure the best OTD, passenger satisfaction and safety?

Other speakers TBC

This session will explore the new trend of pay-per-use agreements in the GSE space and compare them to more traditional financing models. Will telematics help ensure operators optimise their fleets by aligning cost with usage? Are pay-per-use solutions applicable to all GSE equipment or only for more predictable types of ramp operations?

2019 has been marked by major climate change protests across Europe. So, how is our industry reacting to consumer pressure to embrace more environmentally friendly practice. Which airports, airlines and GSPs are leading the way and how is the physical environment of the apron going to change? 

Other panellists TBC

This session will provide deep dive analysis of the latest SGHA, exploring more contentious sections like Article 8-Liability and Indemnities-alongside amendments to standards, training and audit pools (Section 5). We’ll also be exploring the merits of supplementing the SGHA with bespoke agreements and where the balance of power lies between airline and handler within the SGHA.

IATA resolution 753 is in place and has laid down the gauntlet for the aviation industry to improve baggage tracking capabilities. With nearly 80% of passengers wanting live baggage tracking data on their smartphones, what are the opportunities for ground handlers to turn the thirst for data insight into a force for passenger service and business efficiency improvement?

Other panellists TBC

07 November 2019

In the home of Total Football, Cruyff, Bergkamp and Van Basten - GHI will be organising a delegate football tournament on the morning of Thursday 7th November. The games will take place on 5-a-side pitches at the Powerleague Amsterdam nearby to the Rai. Would you be interested in playing? Email if you are.

The Heineken Experience is an attraction located at the Heineken's first built brewery in Amsterdam's city centre. In 1988, the brewery was closed because of the inability to meet the high demand. Nowadays, you can learn about Heineken's heritage, brewing process, innovations, sponsorships and what it takes to serve a star in a 1.5 hour self-guided tour. At the end of the tour you can, of course, enjoy a Heineken or two.