What the stats say


GHI reviews the latest Covid-19 data released by the World Health Organization, governments and aviation analysts over the past week. Which countries have seen a rapid rise in cases? Are there areas where the pandemic is starting to plateau and what does that tell us?

“The world has just recorded its two millionth ‘official’ case of coronavirus according to our data source: John Hopkins University.

The fatality rate stands at around 6%, the US accounts for 31% of all incidents and there’s a figure available for everything apart from how long we have left until the pandemic subsides.

Eternally optimistic, we’ll start by looking at the bright news that Italy has seen its lowest number of infections in a month. A daily case quota of 2,972 on 14 April compares to 6,557 on 19 March. Spain’s coronavirus shows a similar slide and both countries are now taking tentative steps out of lockdown. Critical days and weeks now lay ahead where we will see if societal norms will only antagonise new cases and trigger lockdowns mark II. 

China has form here and raised alarms when it reported more than 100 new cases this week. However, the rise was down to infected travellers from abroad according to officials rather than s dreaded second wave of Covid-19.  China, once undisputed epicentre of the global pandemic, has dropped to seventh in the league of most affected nations.

Just don’t tell President Trump. He’s angry enough at the fallout caused by ‘The China virus’, as he describes Covid-19. This week saw a prickly President launch a bizarre reinterpretation of his administration’s response to the pandemic. In a nutshell: ‘Everything we did was right’. He went on to claim authority over the constitutional right of Governors to close their borders in a display of chest-thumping that would envy even the mightiest silverback male.

And in a final testosterone fuelled tirade, the President has pulled the plug on all US funding of the WHO for failing to react effectively enough during the initial stages of the virus. Well if anyone has the right to judge...”

Top 10 countries by confirmed cases of Covid-19
  1. US: 609,685 (1)
  2. Spain: 177,633 (2)
  3. Italy: 162,488 (2)
  4. Germany: 132,210 (6)
  5. France: 131,362 (4)
  6. UK: 94,845 (8)
  7. China: 82,809 (6)
  8. Iran: 76,389 (7)
  9. Turkey: 65,111 (9)
  10. Belgium: 33,573 (10)
Top 10 data source