We stand together against Covid-19


Welcome to the first issue of a newsletter that bring the world’s aviation community together to share news, ideas and inspiration on beating the coronavirus explains Max Gosney

“Welcome my friends from everyone at GHI. Whilst we’d dearly love to shake hands, embrace and show you through to one of our private meeting rooms – it is in everyone’s best interests that we’ll pass on tradition for a little while.

Yet, though the Covid-19 pandemic makes our physical contact impossible - never has it been more important for us to keep talking and interacting with one another as an aviation family.

That is why we bring you this GHI Covid-19 Aviation Weekly e-newsletter and look to virtual forums as a communication tool in the interim. For a time of crisis is when a community must come together and draw collective strength. This newsletter will bring you all of the latest updates on the virus, profile the frontline activities of industry stakeholders and share best practice ideas on how you and your teams can navigate your way through the storm. Our mission will be to bring messages of hope and inspiration to lift our spirits through the difficult days ahead.

We ask you all to support this initiative by sending us your stories of resilience and bravery in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic or simply sending us your messages of support. This is your forum to communicate with colleagues across the industry. Please email us your Covid-19 accounts and experiences to: max@groundhandling.com

We will also investigate other opportunities over the coming months to maintain an unbroken causeway that allows our community to work together to overcome this crisis. Ideas include on-line conference seminars and we’d be grateful for your support.

And finally, this wonderful industry in which we work and love has overcome traumatic times before, with both 9/11 and SARS in our recent memory. We must retain an unshakeable collective belief in our ability to triumph over adversity once again whilst having the courage to meet the brutal facts of our current reality head on.

You will be back our friends and so will we. Stay safe, thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to the pleasure of your company soon in the virtual and the real world.”

Email me your stories: max@groundhandling.com