The Last Stand: your views on tackling the coronavirus outbreak


Check out the latest posts on GHI’s community noticeboard from colleagues across the globe on how they are coping with life under the coronavirus. Please leave us your comments and stories…

The Last Stand: ‘How are you and your teams coping with the Covid-19 pandemic? Are you in lockdown? What changes have you had to make to the operation? Send us your stories and we’ll feature them here. Please send your posts 

Goldhofer invites customers to ‘ask anything’ in midst of Covid-19 crisis:

Dear GHI.

We heard about your Covid-19 newsletter initiative and would light to contribute our story:
At Goldhofer we have published a call to action to our fans to “ask us anything” during the next weeks. Our post reads:
“These are crazy times currently and the whole world is facing new, unknown situations full of uncertainty and anxiety due to coronavirus COVID-19.

We would like to support you in the best possible way during this time. So for the next weeks we would like to turn the tables a bit and post content that you explicitly ask for, answer questions you would like to see answered and talk about topics that interest YOU especially.

Is there anything that you always wanted to know from us? Then ask us!
Simply write us a comment below or send us a message and we will be happy to do our best in answering all questions and queries. Thank you for being such a strong community!

Stay safe! Stay healthy!”

Click here to send Goldhofer your questions or you can send your questions to GHI at and we’ll pass them on to the Goldhofer team.

Difficult days, which call for togetherness and teamwork:

“Many in the industry will be faced with decisions and timescales for decisions unprecedented in aviation history. Nothing prepares you for such tough decisions involving loyal, hard-working, excellent colleagues. But, with little or no revenue such decisions are needed if the business is to survive. And, of course, the industry needs (expects) our colleagues to be face to face with passengers on the ground and in the air. Many former colleagues I have spoken with have been extremely professional, but you could also see fear of uncertainty in their eyes and fear of the potential illness from being so close to passengers too.

So, this has been a time when I reconnected with old colleagues and contacts wishing them safe and well which has been lovely to do except for the circumstances.

I will be happy to offer the experience of a 50 year management career FOC to anyone in our industry who wants to validate decisions, talk strategies for rapid downsizing followed (hopefully) by rapid upsizing or just wants a chat with a industry veteran.”

Keith Purdom, Bluechip Aviation Consulting

To connect with Keith, please contact

In praise of The GHI Covid-19 Aviation Weekly:

Dear GHI,

I have with interest and admiration gone through your team's wholesome contribution in the first issue of your COVID 19  e-newsletter.

My best wishes to your initiative and your continued efforts to give the best, in all formats, to the industry.

Best regards,

Inderjit Singh 
Airport Development, Management and Operations Consultant