NAS fast-tracks rapid diagnostic testing kits to speed Uganda’s pandemic response


Entebbe International Airport’s largest handler drafts in kits internationally to help Ministry of Health testing efforts

National Aviation Services (NAS) has fast-tracked the supply of 7,000 urgently needed Covid-19 testing kits to Uganda.

NAS, the largest ground handler at Entebbe International Airport stepped up to source the kits from its headquarters in Kuwait after learning of the Ugandan Ministry of Health’s difficulties sourcing the rapid diagnostic testing (RDT) kits during lockdown.

The antibody RDT test kits offer a result within 10-15 minutes with serum or whole blood specimens and will be used by health officials to estimate immunity levels to the coronavirus in Uganda.

Nouamane Zahouani, General Manager of NAS Uganda commented: “Finding RDT kits for local testing was going slow due to the logistical challenges under the current lockdown. As a ground handling company, we procured the kits in Kuwait and utilized our experience and expertise to facilitate the process.

He added: “Working with our partner DHL, we had the kits flown to Uganda within three weeks. At the airport, we also did the needful to have them cleared and delivered to the Task Force as soon as possible.”

Hassan El-Houry, Group CEO of NAS said: “We are pleased to be able to assist the Ugandan Ministry of Health with the required rapid testing which is the need of the hour. As a global company, NAS has a strong social responsibility towards the communities we work in.

He added: “Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are driving efforts to help where can in the fight against the disease. This includes managing uninterrupted supply chains, handling evacuee flights and this small contribution to the Covid-19 National Task Force in Uganda.”