Dedicated ramp teams keep doctors supplied with critical PPE


WFS ramp teams work around the clock to ensure more than two million desperately needed face masks make it through to frontline healthcare workers in France and Spain

Ramp teams at WFS have worked around the clock to ensure frontline healthcare workers in Spain and France are kept supplied with more than two million life saving face masks.

Employees were on call to offload emergency medical aid on a specially operated Airbus A330-800 flight from Tianjin to Toulouse.

The WFS team broke down the shipment, immediately despatching masks into the healthcare sector in France, as well as repalletising and loading the masks destined to help the relief effort in Spain.

PPE is in critically short supply in both European countries.

Hugo Rodrigues, Vice President Cargo France at WFS, said: “With our global network of cargo handling stations, we have teams on the ground ready to ensure these life-saving cargoes reach those who need them within just a matter of hours.

“This is the power of air cargo and demonstrates the vital importance of the entire air cargo supply chain to the global response to the coronavirus,” he added.

WFS has partnered with Airbus and Bolloré Logistics on the relief flights with more urgent medical equipment due to be handled in the coming days.

Across its network, ramp teams are showing “professionalism” and “commitment” to adapt unusual operating conditions, WFS said.

Employees are being challenged with unloading passenger aircraft converted to cargo-only planes filled with medical equipment and supplies.

“I want to thank all employees for your incredible work in this difficult operating environment, testament to your team spirit,” said Rodrigues. “I am extremely proud of your dedication and urge you to keep up your tremendous efforts. You are playing a crucial role in this crisis.”