Aviation groups rally the EU for unequivocal and unbiased financial aid fast to stave off cash liquidity crisis


The coronavirus crisis exceeds all manageable expectations and warrants unprecedented government aid, groups including ASA and ACI tell the EU. But, relief effort must be coordinated and without bias, leaders warn

European governments must do ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure the short-term viability of aviation businesses and safeguard the economic recovery of the entire continent post Covid-19, industry leaders have warned.

Brussels was told to move quickly, in a coordinated matter and offer support on a ‘non discriminatory’ basis in a letter co-signed by ASA, Airlines For Europe, Airports Council International, Airline Catering Association and European travel operators.

The Covid-19 crisis exceeded all foreseeable and manageable expectations, the group stated. The letter said: “The European Institutions must take all the necessary measures to ensure the short-term financial viability of the travel industry enterprises with the objectives of maintaining a functioning travel industry, protecting employees and consumers alike, and help them to efficiently restore air connectivity and support the re-growth of European economies.”

Member States must move quickly, but in a coordinated and inclusive manner to mitigate a cashflow crisis across the entire air travel ecosystem, the letter added. “It is crucial that all actors and supporting measures are considered on a non-discriminatory basis.”

The group called for a coherent consultation procedure to coordinate support measures with the EU both in the short and long-term.

The letter concluded: “We welcome the initial actions from the European Commission in targeted areas such as state aid, recognising that entire markets are non-functioning and urgent aid is needed. The aviation sector is a strategically important sector. It must be positioned as a critical enabler of Europe’s economic recovery once the crisis has passed.”