Keeping you Safe

Your health, safety & comfort has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority for us at GHI.  We are dedicated to working in unison with you on implementing protocols that can help ensure a Covid-safe Annual Conference in Copenhagen this year.

Our Covid-safe on-site guidelines below are based around scientifically recommended, precautionary measures that can help us maximise protection against the virus.

We have been working closely with our venue, The Bella Center, and taking guidance from our industry association, AEO (Association of Event Organisers), to help inform the recommendations. We have also looked to best practice protocols being delivered by the aviation industry we serve through EASA’s Covid-19 Aviation Health Safety protocol. GHI has developed a full risk assessment for the conference in partnership with the Bella Center.

The guiding principles of our Covid-safe on-site guidelines are:
  1. To deploy scientifically recommended measures that enhance your safety
  2. To simplify procedures as much as reasonably possible and avoid inhibiting your conference experience whilst keeping you safe
Please note that effective implementation of these measures relies on your full support.

Thank you in advance for your help in ensuring a Covid-safe conference for all.

Max Gosney, GHI Conference Chairman

Extensive testing

As an extra safety measure, we will be facilitating an easy-access rapid testing service to all delegates on arrival at the conference and before entering the conference space. The rapid test is valid for 72 hours. Rapid tests have been shown to be 95% effective at detecting Covid 19 when used at the onset of symptoms according to a study by the Queen Mary University of London.

The rapid testing station will be set up in the foyer area outside the conference main entrance. Your test will be overseen by a member of the Bella Center team and results delivered within 15 minutes. You will be issued with a wristband upon demonstrating a negative test which will allow you to pass through to the main GHI conference space.   

GHI will also provide a pop-up PCR testing facility on site at the Bella Center. Appointments must be pre-booked and paid for before Monday 6 September. The testing facility give you the convenience of not having to leave the conference premises to be tested if you need to produce a negative PCR test for compliance with your national border authorities for return travel.

The GHI Code of Conduct: what you can do to stay safe

Keep yourself and fellow delegates safe by following GHI’s 5 step Code of Conduct below:
  1. Avoid handshakes and hugs: we’re all craving that big warm embrace after so long apart in lockdown. But, we kindly request you refrain and opt for an elbow bump or reduced contact greeting salute that spreads the love but not at the risk of the virus too.
  2. Don’t take a chance: Do not enter if you are presenting with Covid symptoms such as a new continuous cough or change in your normal sense of taste or smell. Contact the GHI team via email and we will arrange for you to take an immediate test. 
  3. Wash and sanitise your hands regularly: Washing and sanitising your hands is a simple but highly effective deterrent to spreading the coronavirus.  GHI will provide additional hand sanitising points around the conference. Follow good hand washing protocol- by washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap. To help guide you, you should be able to hum the happy birthday song twice before you’re done. Make sure you dry hands thoroughly using a clean towel or hand dryer.
  4. Follow social distancing: we have expanded the conference area, with larger meeting rooms and exhibition stands to allow for social distancing. Please follow the guidance and respect the space of others at the Conference.  
  5. Wear a mask where possible: GHI encourages you to wear a face mask wherever possible and particularly in crowded spaces.

GHI’s Covid-safe protocols for Copenhagen

World-class hygiene

GHI has teamed up with cleaning & disinfection specialist, Hecosol to electrospray all of our conference areas with TiTANO®- a specialist biocidal cleaning product. TiTANO®- delivers the highest standard of surface hygiene and has been recommended by Hecosol to treat hygiene sensitive areas in food & drink, transport and health environments. TiTANO® is effective for one year after application and has a high efficacy against viruses. The treatment is over 90% effective against the coronavirus according to EN 16777.
Enhanced cleaning & disinfection regimes

We will introduce more frequent cleaning and sanitisation of conference areas in partnership with the Bella Center. Additional cleaning activity will focus on high touchpoint areas including meeting points, the conference room, food & beverage areas and the registration area. All venue staff are carefully educated in recommendations and guidelines issued by Danish Health Authorities in connection with Covid-19.
Face mask friendly

While it is not mandatory to wear a face mask at the Conference – GHI actively encourages delegates to do so, particularly in crowded spaces (e.g. whilst queuing at reg desk/taking a shuttle bus to the conference).  An evidence review of the use of face masks against Covid-19 by leading scientists has recommended ‘widespread mask use as source control to reduce community transmission’. The study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the Unites States of America co-authored by international experts recommend ‘the adoption of public cloth mask wearing, as an effective form of source control, in conjunction with existing hygiene, distancing, and contact tracing strategies’. Our team will be wearing face masks as part of our commitment to keeping you safe.
Increased spacing

The conference space has been increased to reduce congestion; offering larger meeting rooms, greater spacing between stands and seats in the conference room.  Meeting room sizes have been increased to allow 4sqm per person. Please ensure you do not exceed the capacity of your meeting room, which will be clearly labelled. The meeting room furniture will cater for the maximum capacity.

Exhibition stands have been increased in depth to allow for social distancing.  Again, please help us by ensuring you do not exceed the capacity of your stand.  You can also assist by reminding your colleagues to sanitise their hands before sitting down for their appointment in a private room or on stand.

Our ventilation system in Hall C and foyer is set to 100% fresh air (as opposed to recirculation) to boost air quality and safety. The system will be activated two hours before opening time and two hours after closing time. Oxygen change is made between every four and eight hours. Air filters are changed yearly and monitored by local authorities.
After the Conference

We are confident that the steps we are taking will limit any potential spread of Covid-19 at the Conference. Should you develop symptoms post-conference, please contact the GHI Team. All meeting information will be stored to aid track and trace.
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Any Questions?

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