Stand number: E41

Wiseleap is a collection of customizable and scalable cloud applications dedicated to streamline your ground operations management. Hosted on a private, isolated and secure Azure cloud environment, the Wiseleap cloud platform is powered by the company Emyode, one of the #1 Microsoft Gold Partner is Canada.

Our cloud platform acts as a hub that allows you to integrate our applications (Deicing Manager, Captivo and Ground Handling Manager) or any other of your existing applications to centralize all your information related to ground operations management such as winter operations data or employee training and certifications' tracking.

Our applications portfolio is composed of:
  • Deicing Manager, a cloud-based application centralizing the capture, storage, and analysis of all the information you need to manage aircraft deicing operations. This application comes with our mobile application Deicing Holdover, an application allowing pilots to calculate a de/anti-icing holdover time based on user-generated inputs
  • Captivo, a cloud-based learning management platform that allows you to streamline your employee training management process and offer an innovative learning experience to your learners.
  • Ground Handling Manager, a cloud-based application centralizing all information relevant to airline and airport operations management to offer a single, streamlined dashboard for improved operational and financial oversight.
We provide a 24/7 support and customized training to our customers to be sure that your company grows better.

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