Stand number: E26

German IT specialist topsystem has been developing information systems for the business branches of aviation and logistics since 1995. Our aviation department provides airports, ground handling companies, airlines and cargo handlers worldwide with IT systems and software solutions for the support and control of both commercial and operational processes. All topsystem aviation solutions are based on sophisticated Web technology, allowing both data and software to be installed on a central server where it can be accessed company-wide via the Intranet or the Internet. For ground handlers we offer our Ground Handling System (GHS), a sophisticated modular system for contract management, flight scheduling, service recording and invoicing. Our Electronic Cargo Handling & Operations System (ECHOS) allows airfreight handlers to benefit from a reasonably priced yet efficient software for freight and document handling. For airports, our Airport Suite offers operational solutions for flight planning and scheduling, aeronautical billing, flight information systems and statistical reporting, as well as resource and facility management.