Denmark is open for business

Currently there are still some travel restrictions in place which we are closely monitoring. Due to the restrictions a number of countries are listed as banned from entering Denmark without a proven legitimate business purpose.

It is confirmed by the Danish Authorities that Denmark’s borders are open for business meetings and it has been confirmed that attending a conference is classed as a ‘business meeting’. This exemption is valid to all ‘banned’ countries and passengers travelling to attend a business meeting must provide evidence of the working relationship, the time and place of the meeting and the contact details of a relevant person in Denmark who can confirm the information provided by the passenger. GHI will be providing all registered delegates with the listed necessary documentation to enter Denmark’s borders with your personalised agenda prior to the start of the conference. More details from the Danish Police can be found here.

GHI have partnered with ICTS TravelDoc X- Check, a dedicated Covid-19 health page providing the latest information on countries’ health and entry requirements which is updated constantly by a dedicated team. The website is a quick and convenient tool for delegates to use to check the latest travel regulations to and from Denmark. Thank you ICTS for helping us get back in the air again. 

A Visa may also be required to enter Denmark regardless of any Covid-19 restrictions. Countries requiring a visa prior to entry can be found here.