Cargo Zone Programme

Time Information
13:25 - 13:30
Cargo Zone welcome and official opening
Max Gosney, Portfolio Director & Conference Chairman, Ground Handling International

13:30 - 14:00
Innovation: Delivering the Covid-19 vaccine
Celine Hourcade, Transition Director (Consultant) , THE INTERNATIONAL AIR CARGO ASSOCIATION (TIACA)

The world waits with baited-breath for the arrival of a Covid-19 vaccine. But once it’s here – how are we going to ensure the air cargo supply chain is primed to meet unprecedented demand from all corners of the globe? This session will explore how key industry stakeholders relieve the enormous demand and logistics pressures they will face once a vaccine is approved. The focus will be on delivering a vaccine fast, reliably and fairly. How do we do that through stakeholder collaboration and embracing track and trace technology? The eyes of the world will be on the air cargo industry.
14:00 - 14:30
Operations: Peaks, downtime and preighters: handling cargo post-Covid – the Menzies Aviation story

The cargo handling challenge has grown infinitely more complex with last minute shifts in airline schedules, the rise of cargo in the cabin and increase in piece counts due to PPE. This session will look at how Menzies Aviation has optimised its operations to cope with the capricious operational environment created by the Covid-19 pandemic.
14:30 - 15:00
Technology: The digitisation opportunity in air cargo
Celine Hourcade, Transition Director (Consultant) , THE INTERNATIONAL AIR CARGO ASSOCIATION (TIACA)

This session will explore how we use technology and data to better connect the myriad of air cargo supply chain stakeholders and drive up the speed, quality and security of our supply chain. What adaptions have been fast-tracked as a result of the pandemic and how do we use this as a blueprint for a more agile and integrated future? Can Covid-19 be the catalyst for the end of paper-based processes and filing cabinets full of documents in the back office?
15:00 - 15:30
Cargo trailblazers: ghosts of the skies – how Avianca Cargo has turned empty pax routes into sundry revenue
Ruben Atehortua, Director Cargo Operations , Avianca

Avianca’s Cargo division has been the rainmaker as the Covid crisis saw the airline group file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this summer. This session will look at how Avinca has innovated to drive up cargo revenue streams despite a loss of belly capacity by grounded passenger aircraft during the crisis. Key developments include the advent of ghost flight preighters, where empty pax aircraft are reconfigured to carry cargo in the cabin. The crisis has also seen Avianca open debut cargo routes to Japan, China and Europe. Lean about the ‘can do’ cargo spirit at the airline and the ground handling complexities of loading 30 tonnes of goods into a passenger space.
15:30 - 16:00
Technology: Smarter ULDs
Benoit Dumont, CEO, UNILODE

The ULD is undergoing a Big Data makeover to allow a step change in communication on the whereabouts and condition of air cargo shipments. This session will investigate how live tracking paves the way for more effective partnership between stakeholders and can be used to enhance the quality, speed and customer satisfaction with our services.
Time Information
12:00 - 12:30
Airline views: The rise of the Preighter – a Turkish Airlines Cargo case study

Turkish Airlines Cargo has reconfigured its fleet in the face of the Covid-19 crisis to move cargo on up to 300 converted passenger aircraft a week. The session will explore the resulting operational challenges from cabin loading documentation to the manpower challenges of removing boxes from the cabin. How has Turkish Airlines Cargo turned upheaval into a business opportunity and partnered with ground handlers to ensure OTP, safety and innovation along the way.
12:30 - 13:00
GSE: GSE innovation for air cargo
David Bunting, Regional Director - EMEA, JBT AEROTECH

What GSE developments are in play to help handlers offload ULDs, pallets and piece items safer, faster and with added value to airline customers? Also, what equipment innovations are in the pipeline to help meet the enormous challenges of offloading cargo from the cabin in preighters? This session will explore…
14:00 - 14:30
Market analysis: Conversions – will freighters be flying high as a result of Covid?
Alistair Dibisceglia, Chief Leasing & Trading Officer, VALLAIR

With pax fleets grounded or running on reduced volumes for much of 2020 – this session will explore whether the conditions are ripe for a renaissance in airline freighter conversions. The session will explore the essential business metrics before an airline should consider a conversion and the financing options. Panellists will also explore the narrow body freighter market, which has seen the launch of A320 and A321 iterations and the GSE requirements for handlers of these Airbus variants.
14:30 - 15:00
Pharma: a prescription for air cargo volume growth

A trend for shipping more pharmaceuticals by air has been accelerated by the pandemic. This session will examine how the pharma temperature and time sensitive nature of pharma means there is no margin for error for handlers looking to capitalise on this booming area of the cargo supply chain.  We’ll investigate the technological developments in equipment and facilities that are enabling operators to meet the challenge.
15:00 - 15:30
Covid-19: Safety, compliance, cargo and profit during the pandemic
James Wyatt, General Manager, AEROCONCEPT

Safety & Compliance is our top priority, each and every day in our industry. We strive for safety and compliance in cargo operations in order to protect our people, enable our business to be sustainable and profitable. How does the dynamic change during a pandemic? How do people react on the frontline and what effects come into play on our cargo processes? Who is responsible to ensure cargo safety and compliance are adhered to? Join me for a further insight into this topic and see how your cargo operation and your people can benefit.